Golden Oldies are our Best Friends, and this short course aims to help you to be a Best Friend Forever to the senior dog in your life. You’ll receive an illustrated 85 page course textbook in PDF format, and a multiple choice questionnaire to complete and return after you’ve read the book. After your questionnaire has been assessed, you will receive The Golden Oldie’s BFF Award certificate as a .jpg file that you can print and frame or put on your website. This will demonstrate that you have a good basic understanding of caring for a senior dog.


The Golden Oldie’s BFF Award

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  • Introduction 

    Part 1: Recognising signs of ageing and pain 
    Part 2: Obesity and nutrition 
    Part 3: Common medical conditions 
    Part 4: Complementary and alternative therapies 
    Part 5: Home adaptations and mobility 
    Part 6: Enrichment, exercise, and the importance of play