Dogs are our Best Friends, and this short course aims to help you to be a Best Friend Forever to the dogs in your life. You’ll receive an illustrated 73 page course textbook in PDF format, and a multiple choice questionnaire to complete and return after you’ve read the book. After your questionnaire has been assessed, you will receive The Dog’s BFF Award certificate as a .jpg file that you can print and frame or put on your website. This will demonstrate that you have a good basic understanding of dog behaviour.

The Dog’s BFF Award

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  • Introduction

    Part 1: Be Positive!
    Part 2: Life Stages
    Part 3: The Secret Language of Dogs
    Part 4: Good Manners, Good Dog!
    Part 5: Children and Dogs
    Part 6: The Great Outdoors – Social Skills
    Part 7: Dog Law
    Part 8: Responsible Dog Guardianship

    The course book also contains 23 photo illustrations of dog body language, with explanations, and links to 6 videos with explanations.

    Delighted recipients of The Dog’s BFF Award have been calling it “The human version of the KC Good Citizen’s Award”.

    We’d love to hear where you heard of this course, so please mention that when you send in your questionnaire.