Aggression may be one of the most challenging behaviours that a dog guardian can encounter and takes many forms, from biting humans to fighting or injuring other dogs.


There is often confusion within many professionals working with dogs and the general public alike, and the term 'aggressive' is incorrectly used to describe a dog's actions, which implies a character trait rather than their response. If we take the context of the given behaviour, the emotional state, and the individual's motivation into account, we can then attempt to describe the behaviours that we observe as 'aggressive behaviour or responses'.


The Diploma in Understanding and Working with Aggressive Responses in Dogs is not just a course cataloguing types of aggression and potential causes.


There is no one size fits all, and the concentration on the observable behaviour demonstrated at that time hinders the understanding of the situation. The internal control of behaviours is a complex interplay between genetic and environmental factors.


With this in mind, we have developed this course to explore aggressive behaviours in context, discuss support for guardians and the individual dog, behaviour modification care plans, and consider the approach to complex cases.


The course consists of 10 modules and appendices, along with exclusive recorded discussions with experts in the field such as Suzanne Clothier, Sarah Fisher, Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, and Tracey McLennan.


Level 5 Diploma in Understanding and Working with Aggressive Responses in Dogs

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  • Introduction 
    Module 1:
    How does it feel? 
    Module 2: Genetics and breed 
    Module 3: Can aggressive behaviours be categorised? 
    Module 4: Aggressive behaviours in context 
    Module 5: Aggressive behaviours explored 
    Module 6: Guardian support and modification plans 
    Module 7: Undertaking complex cases involving aggressive responses 
    Module 8: Behaviour modification techniques 
    Module 9: Case studies 
    Module 10: Dissertation

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