The pandemic has had an enormous impact on our mental health. Economies collapsed, schools closed, families were told to stay at home and put their social lives on hold. The true cost of the economic impact of the pandemic is not yet known, but it will affect our world for decades to come.


One of the less obvious impacts of the pandemic is that hundreds of thousands of families have decided to buy a puppy for company and to help them cope with the stress and emotional upheaval. These puppies have now reached adolescence, and, for many, things have not turned out well. Some have already been relinquished to rescue or sold on to other families. Some of these dogs will have developed serious behaviour problems which may lead to future euthanasia.


Having read the doom and gloom predictions, this short certificate course is designed as a road map and optimistic guide to help dogs’ rehabilitation in a post-pandemic world.

Helping Your Dog in the Post-Covid World

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