The level 5 ISCP Diploma in Raw Feeding covers every aspect of feeding your dog a raw food diet. There has been a huge rise in popularity over the last five years of feeding dogs what is referred to as a species-appropriate diet, but there is a lot of conflicting advice on how to carry it out correctly and (very importantly) safely for our dogs.


This course is suitable for complete novices as well as for experienced raw feeders or those who would like to learn more but are nervous of making the leap to feeding in a completely different way.


A wide range of subjects are explored, from canine anatomy and physiology, safely feeding bones and raw meat, to how to formulate a diet that suits your particular dog.

Students have 2 years in which to complete this course.

ISCP Diploma in Raw Feeding

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  • Introduction

    Module 1:
    Our dog - Canis Lupus Familiaris
    Module 2: The Digestive System and Gut Health
    Module 3: Nutritional Requirements - what dogs need in order to thrive
    Module 4: The Pros and Cons of Raw Feeding
    Module 5: Myths and Beliefs about Raw Feeding
    Module 6: Hygiene and Handling Meat Safely
    Module 7: Different Types of Raw Feeding
    Module 8: Changing to a Raw Diet
    Module 9: What to Feed and Why
    Module 10: How Much to Feed
    Module 11: Introducing Bones
    Module 12: Vegetables, Berries, Grains and Seeds
    Module 13: Popular Food Supplements
    Module 14: Going Away with Your Raw Fed Dog