The level 5 ISCP Diploma in Raw Feeding covers every aspect of feeding your dog a raw food diet. There has been a huge rise in popularity over the last five years of feeding dogs what is referred to as a species-appropriate diet, but there is a lot of conflicting advice on how to carry it out correctly and (very importantly) safely for our dogs.


This course is suitable for complete novices as well as for experienced raw feeders or those who would like to learn more but are nervous of making the leap to feeding in a completely different way.


A wide range of subjects are explored, from canine anatomy and physiology, safely feeding bones and raw meat, to how to formulate a diet that suits your particular dog.

Students have 2 years in which to complete this course.

Diploma in Raw Feeding

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  • Module 1             Our dog - Canis Lupus Familiaris

    Module 2             The Digestive System and Gut Health    

    Module 3             Nutritional Requirements - what dogs need in order to thrive    

    Module 4             The Pros and Cons of Raw Feeding         

    Module 5             Myths and Beliefs about Raw Feeding   

    Module 6             Hygiene and Handling Meat Safely          

    Module 7             Different Types of Raw Feeding               

    Module 8             Changing to a Raw Diet 

    Module 9             What to Feed and Why

    Module 10          How Much to Feed        

    Module 11          Introducing Bones          

    Module 12          Vegetables, Berries, Grains and Seeds  

    Module 13          Popular Food Supplements        

    Module 14         Going Away with Your Raw Fed Dog        



    Caroline Hearn, author and tutor of the nutrition courses

    Caroline has never been without a dog at her side since she was a tiny child. Her life`s ambition has been to pay back a little of the unconditional love, loyalty and fun which her canine friends have given her over the years. It has always been dogs, horses and the great outdoors that have brought, and still continue to bring her, the greatest joy.

    In 1990, a number of appointments with an holistic vet to treat a horse who went on to make a remarkable recovery after having been given little chance of survival changed the way that every dog, horse and other animal on the farm was taken care of. This sowed the seed for a passion to study complementary therapies, herbal medicine, and a more natural way of feeding.

    She qualified as a sports massage therapist in 1999 and then went on to qualify as an equine and canine massage therapist. Caroline`s CV now spans a wide range of therapies for both human and animal patients. After running her own clinic for 11 years she began to specialise in canine clients, and it became apparent just how vital it was to approach any health or behavioral issue that a dog was struggling with, in a truly holistic way. This approach gained significant improvement and long term resolution when diet, exercise, home environment and adapting to a dog`s individual character was taken into account.

    The love of dogs combined with a mission to encourage better nutrition lead her to create the company Hedgerow Hounds, which makes a range of veterinary approved organic herbal blends. She went on to gain her nutritional diploma with a distinction from the Open College, and she regularly attends courses and workshops on canine nutrition, raw feeding and holistic healthcare. Caroline has written two courses on canine nutrition which, alongside her own studies and qualifications, incorporates knowledge taken from 30 years of owning her own dogs and feeding many different types of diet. Caroline also regularly writes articles for two of the leading canine natural health magazines.

    She lives in Bedfordshire with her rescue Labradors and two horses.

    Katie McCaul, contributor

    I qualified as a Veterinary nurse in 1998 and became Head Nurse in a 3 branch mixed practice. I very much enjoyed my role as an NVQ assessor teaching the trainee Vet nurses. My experience in practice was invaluable working in weight clinics, theatre and kennels.

    After leaving practice I was lucky enough to complete a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Physiology. This taught me about the evolutionary path our domesticated pets had been on and how innate behaviour and physiology are the key to happiness and health.

    Since university I have taught on the VN degree program, worked with Wiltshire Wildlife trust, and returned to practice part time.

    My recent role as research and development manager at a Pet Food Company over the last 6 years, has been an education into the pet food industry. Leading me to achieve a diploma in Naturopathy, use diet formulation software and run a research project. I deliver CPD to veterinary professionals and enjoy sharing my experience with owners to help improve diet and health of our dogs.

    Testimonial from a veterinarian

    This RAW Feeding course is set out in a really easy to learn format. I have been raw feeding my dogs for years and found the course to be very interesting and informative – so suitable for both experienced and new raw feeders.

    Dr S Andresier BVetMed MFHom (vet) MRCVS

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