We currently have the following ISCP Centres. These are run by ISCP graduates and/or tutors and are open to ISCP members and to the public. Students can attend practical study days at the centres, and even stay for a few days near our residential centres in Devon and Austria to shadow graduates during behaviour and training sessions. Members of the public can attend workshops and courses at the centres.

ISCP Devon

Located just outside Tiverton, our Devon Centre is run by ISCP tutor Lizzie Morris. One of our first centres, ISCP Devon has hosted numerous practical study days and workshops, and members head off to the lovely olde-worlde pub nearby to have discussions over lunch.

ISCP London

Our London Centre is run by team member Clare Grierson of Muddy Mutleys. Clare teaches workshops to the public, as well as to ISCP members, runs practical study days for students, and hosts workshops by highly respected guest tutors such as Craig Ogilvie.

ISCP Scotland

Being Canine offers home Behaviour Consultations, Group / 121 Training and provides education events and social walks. Training classes are held at an outside training area in Annbank and in Kirkoswald. Training classes are not traditional ‘obedience’ focused, we prepare dogs for living in our world, all activities are designed to be fun, support learning in dogs and humans and to have practical applications in the real world. We use agility equipment (amongst other things) to help dogs to build confidence and to foster a stronger bond with their owners.

In addition we also provide a home boarding service. For this we have purpose built suites which are designed around the requirements of the dogs. We model the content of the stay around the individual dog, so for those who are more outgoing, we have a large paddock where dogs can meet and play, for the dogs who like to potter there are several quieter areas. We plan to include a specific area for serious sniffing which will include herbs and plants which dogs will find appealing.

What can students expect from ISCP Scotland?

Shadowing at training classes and 121 sessions organised case study and education events, networking opportunities, experience of assessing and introducing boarding dogs (including board and train if appropriate). Here's the Facebook page.


ISCP Austria

ISCP Austria is run by Patricia Bisztron (www.bisztron.at) and Rosee Riggs (www.good-dog-practice.com / www.good-dog-practice.eu). We are situated in an idyllic part of Lower Austria, just where the Alps start and near to Semmering, the famous ski and spa resort.

We offer practical workshops, and at times work experience, for ISCP students and graduates. We also host CPD (continued professional development) in the form of weekend seminars in both English and German. Some of these are our own lectures, and sometimes we invite well-known speakers who are experts in a particular field. We’ll gladly advise you about where to look for accommodation.

If you are able to travel to Austria for a future event, we’d love to hear from you about your particular canine interests and the challenges you face in your work. Let us know about the areas you would like to deepen your knowledge in. We are looking forward to meeting the ISCP family on the Continent, so do write to us: patricia@bisztron.at or riggs@good-dog-practice.com

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The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd educates students of canine behaviour in the most up to date methods, and places a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation.

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